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Enter the new year with better cost control for your business

  • DECEMBER 6, 2023
  • 09:00 A.M. GMT
  • Glass hour 30 MIN

Join us on 6 December, 2023 at 9am (GMT) for a free webinar. Learn from our panel of hospitality experts how to improve your cash flow and budget management and prepare for unexpected costs without breaking the bank. 

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The Theme of the webinar

The past few years have put a lot of pressure on small business owners:

  • On-going price increases
  • Lack of talent due to Brexit
  • Increased National Minimum Wage
  • Legislative changes


And the hospitality industry has been hit hard.

The end of the year is normally when hospitality businesses earn the most. But poor financial planning and without a proper system to help predict demand, staffing needs and inventory, the festive season could see you missing the mark and facing unexpected costs in the new year.

Our panel of hospitality pros can teach you how to enter the new year with better control over your budget and operational costs. Join us for a free 30-minute webinar where the experts will pass on the learnings, advice, customer stories and trends they’re seeing in the market.

The Panel

Hosted by Planday and moderated by Xero economist Louise Southall, our panel of hospitality experts includes speakers from Tevalis, Apicbase and Tenzo.

  • Speakers
Kevin Dixon Director of Partnerships, Tevalis
Carl Jacobs CEO and Co-Founder, Apicbase
Madeleine Pellico Team Lead Customer Success, Tenzo
Brett Smith VP of Customer Support, Planday